Ranked Choice Voting: Would it be Good for Rochester?
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern
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Guest speaker: Joe Maissel, chair of the Elections Reform Committee at LWV of Port Washington/Manhasset
Did you know that Leagues all around the state are considering whether to concur with LWVNYC’s position in favor of Ranked Choice Voting? And our own League is asking the state board to put a state version of it on the agenda for the spring biennial state conference? Should LWV-RMA also champion Ranked Choice Voting here in Monroe County?
Come and join us and learn all about what RCV is and how it works and why so many Leagues think it’s better than the plurality system we currently use. We’ll look at the position, hear about how it’s doing in Leagues around the state and hear the pros and cons. At our annual meeting, we’ll decide whether to concur with it.
Position to be concurred with:
  • We support ranked-choice voting (sometimes called “instant runoff voting”) in all local elections, including primaries, specials, and general elections.
  • Voters should have the option to rank at least three and at most six candidates for a given office.
  • The counting should cease to reallocate votes once a candidate receives over 50% of the current round’s vote.
  • RCV/IRV should happen in lieu of any head-to-head runoffs that might otherwise have occurred.
  • Adequate funding should be provided for training, equipment, staff, and voter education.

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