How (or should) we change the way we vote in our elections?
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern
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 Elections are the foundation on which American democracy is built. But, increasingly, doubts are raised about how we vote and run elections. Is our current system the best we can do? Can we "Improve the Vote?” Are there ways to make our elections more fair, and to give voters a greater say in who is chosen? Could a different way of voting push back against polarization by breaking the two-party duopoly?  Some states have adopted ranked-choice voting, a method where voters use a rank to order candidates or options—in a sequence from first, second, third, and onwards—on their ballots.

Join Braver Angels as we gather a panel of experts to share their thoughts as they debate “Resolved: Elections should use ranked-choice voting."  All guests will have the opportunity to submit questions via registration and during the event. The event will be conducted in a webinar format on Zoom.

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